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Blog Update

I’ll be studying abroad in Berlin for this spring. If you’re interested in checking out what I’m up to there, or in following what I write in the future, you can follow me on Medium here. I might choose to come back here in the future, but for now the best place to see what I write will be Medium:

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Why Google isn’t our Bell Labs

David Litwak wrote an interesting article arguing that Google is our generation’s version of Bell Labs. For those who don’t know, here’s David’s description of Bell Labs:

Bell Labs was the research division of AT&T and Western Electric Research Laboratories, originally formed in 1925 to work on telephone exchange switches. However, over the next 50 years or so, their research won 7 Nobel Prizes, for things very loosely connected to telephone switches, if at all. Among their inventions are the transistor, the laser, UNIX, radio astronomy and the C and C++ programming languages.
Under various ownership structures and names, Bell Labs spit out truly groundbreaking inventions for 50+ years. They still enjoy a measure of success, but by most opinions their best days are behind them, and many of their ~20 locations have been shuttered.

I won’t argue with much of the article, because I think...

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